Reign series

Reign series is designed to help achieve increased speed and efficiency in achieving raise and rise of business objectives with our B2E (business to everything) engagement model.

Reign implies the tenure during which this process is deployed for and is in charge of investment and implementation in our 5Is enterprise evolution matrix.

The previous 3 Is are ideation, introspection and involvement which form the scope of Soul series.

Reign prowls in the realm of raise, rise, risk, reduction of systems, processes and tasks being implemented in our enterprise.

The objective of Reign series is to -

Initiate | Plan | Manage | Control | Measure

Reign series progression -

R0: Brainstorming

R1: Initiation (Requirement Understanding Document & Business UD creation) 

R2: Plan 

R3: Implementation plan 

R4: Execution  

R5: Run/closure