Value Symphony Consulting is successfully implemented in our own enterprise Professionstar based in New Jersey, USA.

We have helped more than 19000 people residing across the USA clear a collective debt of more than 45 million Dollars.

All of them are now leading a better quality of life by being financially more secure.

We are currently engaged in deploying three programs at Professionstar – Rebounce, Pair Up and Synergy – which are a living example of evolved platter.

Please go to professionstar to know more.

Get to know and connect with our core team that has made it all a reality –

Our team at work in a portion of our facility –

Avinash Kushwaha

Founder and CEO of Zap Tech Pvt. Ltd.
IRONMAN FINISHER - BIB: 798 -1st October 2023
Welcomes you to his inner sanctum

Avinash Kushwaha’s brainchild – Value Symphony Consulting.

A young Turk with a compassionate heart and a fertile mind, he is a visionary with both ears to the ground. Adept at excellent articulation of satellite view to street view and all levels in between.

He thrives in Brain Forest, his very own eco system encompassing a very wide horizon of thoughts, possibilities and processes that engage with the thrill of adventure that the business environment presents as the journey continues.

His inspiration is Power House, his own unique, exceptional value builder engine that achieves value symphony for all stakeholders.

Powerhouse draws from his repository of select resources of ideation, business acumen and insights, people considerations, policy formation, strategic initiatives, tactical implementation, choice of technologies, processes, practices, analytics, data sciences, intelligence and machine learning to deliver exceptional value and experience.

One can see a clear manifestation of Powerhouse in all of his execution.

Powerhouse binds nimbleness of meaningful innovation with values of a rich culture that assure pure harmony within all stakeholders.

Rakesh zunj

Company Director

Rakesh is a co-founder of Zap Tech with an experience of 14 years.

His ownership in the core functions of administration and HR has enabled Zap Tech become an ever-sustainable business today.

He creates value by evolving and implementing appropriate internal organization and methods for ensuring efficiency and achievement of objectives that benefit all stakeholders.

He also facilitates the areas of finance, budgeting, capitalization, credit and treasury, accounting, insurance, taxation and other statutory compliances.

Anand Bijapurkar

Business Director, architect and creator of Nimble Surge proprietary platform for enterprise evolution, business growth consulting and enterprise fulfillment.
He is also mandated with change management, people enrichment and engagement.
He has already promulgated the proprietary Chaar Dhaam Yatra process and doctrine for this purpose. He has also released Zap Tech Code of Conduct, Zap Tech Culture Statement and People Policy.

He is 64 years young and is the new kid on the block, having joined the team in mid-February 2022.

He was quick in picking up the threads and in 7 weeks flat, he weaved the content and design which is the Professionstar website today in its evolved Avatar.

He has also curated the content and design for this website.

He has mapped many strategic marketing initiatives with trackers that are already underway.

He brings a rich experience of 42 years in enterprise fulfillment practice to the table. He is a veteran of the sophisticated medical X-ray systems vertical in healthcare. He has led a sales team of 384 when working with Philips Healthcare, being responsible for business of cardiac cathlabs and other X-ray systems with pan India jurisdiction. 

He has contributed to revenues of about 1.6 billion Indian Rupees, equivalent to US Dollars 21 million. He has a deep understanding of enterprise level ideation, policy formation, brand management, strategic marketing, marketing communication, sales, sales administration, tactical operations, key account management, trade channel management, concluding win win negotiations, engagement with luminaries and opinion leaders, presence in major trade shows, training and clinical applications.

Shamlee Mhaske

Growth Partner

She has moved up from being Sparky the Rookie to the first Zap Tech certified Communications Expert on 18th June 2022. This is under the auspices of our proprietary Chaar Dhaam Yatra program which defines our policy of people enrichment and people engagement. She is mandated with focus on operations management in addition to her other multiple responsibilities. She is also engaged in creating our evolved people policy and detailed manual.

Shamlee is contributing to customer acquisition for Nimble Surge and acquisition of affiliates for Pair Up and Synergy programs at Professionstar.

A qualified Electronics Engineer, she has been a valued team member for the past 5 years.

She has led marketing, sales and executive leadership headhunting at Zap Tech. She has been involved in organizational development programs in US and Indian market in industries like Finance and Consulting with 15 + team size. She engages with external business consultants, leaders and owners. Her capabilities include balancing business analytics, strategies to create value and drive business performance in terms of revenue, building next-generation leaders, customer and employee experience.

Her moment of truth was when she radically improved the retention of employees from 70% to currently as high as 99%. She is a good listener.

She has exhibited exceptional sense of ownership and ability to take on higher levels of responsibilities.

She has exceptionally nimble fingers when it comes to the surge ahead in the digital space.

Rachana Adate

Associate Growth Consultant

Rachana is a qualified Electrical Engineer, has an energetic personality with strong implementation skills and eye for detail.

During her 5 years with Zap Tech, she has worked on projects in recruitment, marketing, R&D and business development for India and US market. She is currently contributing to lead generation and customer retention in the US market to create value and drive business performance.