We, at Value Symphony Consulting, a division Zap Tech, offer services in business consulting for enterprise growth and fulfillment.

What we have shared here is what we have practiced and have generated metrics in support of the derived benefits. We now wish to engage with clients who believe what we’re saying makes sense.

Enterprise growth relates to excellence in B2E – our business to everything perspective in evolution from ideation, introspection, involvement, investment to implementation.

Enterprise growth innovation quotients encompass all of our thoughts, doctrines, principles, policies, strategies, tactics, governance, processes, systems, business models and revenue generation.

Revenue focus – maximizing revenue in minimum time in an ethical and secure manner.

Enterprise fulfilment relates to reciprocating to the society at large for enabling the wellbeing and welfare of an enterprise. The enterprise thrives within the society and is an integral, symbiotic part of the same.

A portion of revenue generated by many commercial enterprises is given back to society by way of CSR as a regular practice.

Global entrepreneurs like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and closer to home examples of Azim Premji and Gautam Adani have championed the practice of philanthropy.

Exemplary ex-gratia contributions to the nation during trying times like the Covid 19 pandemic have been given by many large business houses. The most respected house of Tatas proffered a whopping Rs. 1500 Crore at the onset of the pandemic.

Isha Foundation of Sadhguru champions the cause of reclaiming and restoring the balance of nature, severely abused over the past 100 years by mankind. They champion the cause by global campaigns like Save Soil and Cauvery Calling within India.

The DNA of our consulting elements

Brain Forest

Brain Forest engages with all of our thoughts and actions with a B2E perspective – business to everything connects and touch points. Its sphere of influence is ESG – environment, social and governance. It is our enterprise wide eco system encompassing a very wide horizon of thoughts, doctrines, possibilities, opportunities, principles, policies, strategies, tactics, governance, systems, processes and business models.

Enterprise brain engages with the thrill from adventure, uncertainty, challenges, risks, setbacks to ultimate success and sweet fulfilment that the forest of opportunities presents all along. Read More . .


This is our paradigm to serve quality of life to all elements in our enterprise.

Prashikshanam keeps all standards in check and follows the path of

SER – Study, Examination and Recommendation


Empowerd provides the critical thrust for our enterprise to surge ahead on a pre-planned and carefully determined trajectory in an ethical and secure manner.

It owns ethics, code of conduct, people enrichment and engagement doctrines to offer ethical and secured growth experience to everyone.

Read More . .


Powerhouse gives our enterprise the power to achieve.

It draws from a repository of select resources of ideation, business acumen and insights, people considerations, policy formation, strategic initiatives, tactical implementation, choice of technologies, processes, practices, analytics, data sciences, intelligence and ML for great value and experience.

Nimble Surge

This is our service in business consulting for enterprise growth and fulfillment. Nimble Surge, our platform for enterprise fulfilment involves enterprise assessment and re-alignment for sure-footed evolution using many of our tried, tested and proven proprietary doctrines.


It is a metrics driven strategic initiative. It kicks in whenever an existing project needs to be reassessed for a ramp up.

Impetus considerations – A metrics driven strategic initiative. It kicks in whenever an existing project needs to be reassessed or ramped up. Starting point is an analysis and review. Gap analysis and action items. Growth path and action items. Action items for metrics. Strategy for achieving metrics. Trackers for tracking progress.

our unique 5 I’s for what it takes to have a
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Our impact

We have helped more than 19000 people residing across the USA clear a collective debt of more than 45 million Dollars.

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