Empowerd focuses on the process that empower individuals

we helps in making them strong enough for decision making, planning, leading ,growing themselves and people around them.

Empowerd let everyone explore in different domains and give them the opportunities for their interpersonal growth

The Amazing Employee Journey

Right from the on-boarding phase, the people in an organization are bound to get exposure to company mission and vision.

They realize what boat they are boarding on and where it is supposed to sail them. An employee must remain empowered for a lifetime is what we preach and practice


This Republic Day, team ZapTech brought a unique venture to support Nirmal Seva Foundation’s Nirmal Mahila Vrudhashram (Handewadi, Pune) with
Empowered are the people who think they can do it and lead the way for the other after doing it.

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Expert on Empowerd

Priti kushwaha

Mrs. Priti Kushwaha is the expert of Empowerd who is a great inspiration to everyone. She has planned and delivered all the activities of Empowerd successfully with the team. She has a great experience in managing in-house and out-house employee engagement.