It has a cycle of
1) Study
2) Examination
3) Recommendation

It always considers the mass-space-time of the situation or a problem and applies the intelligence that has been gathered through analytics to recommend the best possible solution i.e. the RX pill.

The advisory and consulting is always on mission and vision defined for business. Prashikshanam keeps a check on the direction getting the solutions executed.

Prashikshanam studies the situation or problem and gathers its history and root cause analysis.
Prashikshanam examines the mass-space-time of the situation and gives a correct direction to the problem solving approach after a thorough analysis. After conducting the examination, then we are able to visualize the current situation and recommend the right solutions.
The right recommendation or RX is a solution or a process that will help fix the issue and fix the root cause of it. Prashikshanam makes sure that the RX pill is implemented and also captures the data about the progress on the solutions.